tattoo loterij in een nieuw jasje



tattoo loterij in een nieuw jasje


1# in Europe

In 2019 Sander and Buck founded SocialBeardsNL out of a passion for marketing. After 2 years of working for different companies they decided to focus solely on tattooshop marketing!

We are the only tattooshop marketing agency in the world that exclusively works on marketing for tattooshops. Our years of experience have made it possible for us to build the perfect online marketing strategy for tattooshops. We lead the market in Europe and are always developing our methods.
SocialBeardsNL Tattooshop marketing
marketing for tattooshops through social media coaching
We help you build your brand on social media through expert coaching by our social media experts.
Marketing for tattooshops social media advertising
We expand your brand-awareness and amplify your bookings through social media
marketing for tattooshops through google advertising
We boost your website through SEO and advertising to feed your online booking-system 
Instagram gebruiken voor je tattooshop
There are loads of online marketing companies promising you that they will get you more revenue. Why would SocialBeards be any different? We are the only online marketing company in the world specialized in marketing for tattooshops. This makes us unique and the best choice to do online marketing for your tattooshop. The online marketing principles are the same but the market is totally different. We know the market and we know exactly what your customer wants. Because we are your customer and tattoo fanatics!
"Revenue record!"
It's very busy and our books are full. We even had a record revenue amount this month through online marketing!
testimonial Robin
Robin - Ro-INK
"All artists booked"
It's getting super busy in the shop. All my artists are booked. This is a perfect way to grow your business!
het anker tattoos logo
Nadine - Het Anker Tattoos
"I love it!"
My website is super clear. My customers love that they van book an intake appointment online. I love it. 
Natasja - Bad Influence Tattoo
marketing for tattooshops this is how we do it
We'll meet up and discuss everything we need to get started. Things like access to your Google ads account/analytics etc. Don't worry if you don't have all that stuff yet. We'll set it up for you! It's all in the package
marketing for tattooshops this is how its done
The first month we'll spend building your marketingmachine. We'll build your website, ads and online marketing infrastructure. You're not paying us a thing yet! 
marketing for tattooshops this is how we get you more bookings
Everything is in place and ready to get you those bookings. Your website is up and running. At this point we're kicking off the ads and social media coaching. Only when this is ready you'll receive the first invoice.
In the first three months we want you to get comfortable with online marketing. In these months we will build the basis on which we set up the rest of your marketingmachine. This is what you'll get in this period:

  • 3 hours of social media coaching per month
  • Detailed report of our efforts and your gain
  • Google ads services and maintenance
  • Social Media ads services and maintenance
  • All necessary software packages to make things run smooth
  • Free website to the value of €2000
  • One-click online bookingsystem

After the first three months we're going to kick your online marketing into 5th gear. There will be loads more advertising options and the social media coaching gets a lot more intense. 

  • Everything from the first 3 months stays!
  • Deep dive social media coaching, this will get way more involving and engaging!
  • We will keep managing and optimizing your Google ads even further
  • We'll start up YouTube ads
  • We'll kick the Social Media ads into 6th gear (FB/INSTA/TIKTOK)
  • Google display, partner and search ads intensify
  • Retargeting ads for all platforms
Download our brochure to discover the ins and outs of our package, case studies and customer reviews & pricing. Or book a free online marketing consultation and get valuable tips to improve your online marketing situation right now.
"6 new clients"
We had just started the Full Colour Package for 2 weeks and there were already 6 new clients scheduled in!
Pascal - Inkfluence tattoo
"fresh ideas"
The guys and girls from socialbeards are fresh, full of ideas and have a good way of communicating. This is exactly what you need.
Aleks - Rampage tattoo
"Fully booked"
My artists get enough attention on the custom built website. The books are full and we are growing our shop!
Djo - Kosmos Ink


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Are there any contracts?

Our Full Package has a 12 month contract. After this time you can objectively say if marketing does anything for your company. During these 12 months we will make the package worth your while! Really not satisfied? Then we can discuss a 'buy-out' option for the remainder of the contract. 
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As soon as the website is online and the ads are running you'll receive the first invoice. After that you still have 14 days before payment is due. We notice with other clients, that we've already made enough revenue for you in that time to pay off the package and then some. 

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In that case we're very sad to see you go! But we'll just pull all the ads and stop the coaching. The website, booking system and software stays with you and stays up and running. 
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Yes, you can do this at any time. We will advise you on how to do that. 
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Do I still control  my own schedule when all my intake bookings come in automatically?

Yes you do! You are always in control. Together we determine what's the best way to go forth with this. You could, for example, just use one day or part of the day for intakes etc. 
Dit is het logo van socialbeardsnl
From the moment you sigh the contract we've got one month to build your marketing machine. So you can sign whenever you want. Just keep in mind we need some time to build it all.